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Company news

Environmental protection work plan of Rushan ocean silica gel factory

The leaders of all levels of care and environmental protection under the leadership attaches great importance to environmental protection work in our company, to develop a series of environmental protection system, the process of enterprise implementation of track inspection for full-time staff, to ensure that the environmental protection standard, the specific work is as follows:

In 2015, plans to invest one million yuan, boiler desulfurization spray, powder recovery equipment. The pH value of wastewater 2.8-7 emissions standards, is very serious in the case of shortage of funds at the same time, the enterprise internal control every detail of consumption, saving water, a softening water treatment equipment, water saving, improve the qualified rate of glue. Emission of waste gas to do less. Sulfuric acid tank ammonia tank cofferdam ground rehooped sewage pipeline maintenance, to ensure that no reinforcement with penetration, smoothly. Jianchang coal cofferdam reinforcement. Coal installation shower equipment. Foam recovery and re drying. The ditch full stamped, timely delivery of cinder ash brick factory, do a small amount of storage. A small amount of liquid raw material storage, such as acid and alkali, to ensure that there is no security risk.

In the new year, positive response to Environmental Protection Bureau called on enterprises, go all out, start from the details, to ensure that the standards of environmental protection.

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